what did those things have in common?

couple of days ago, i posted some pics and asked you what they had in common. Basically, they were pics of wizards, witches, fairy godmothers, etc. Here's why I asked.

I stated over in facebook land that i was excited about the new Harry Potter movie. my family has seen all the movies and read all the books. it's one of the few series that we all enjoy. and, yes, we are Christians. and, yes, I know the verses in the Bible about avoiding witchcraft and the occult. And I don't have problem with people choosing not to see the movie.

I dislike being slammed by folks who claim we shouldn't see it because of the witchcraft. These same folks love "The Lord of the Rings" and "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" etc etc etc You either watch movies with witchcraft or you don't. But don't get all preachy on me if you are just jumping on some holy bandwagon.

just sayin'......not even really upset about it......i've had this discussion with the same group of folks every time a new movie comes out.....you'd think we'd be over it by now....lol

American Idol concert tomorrow night.....excited to see Adam Lambert in concert....he ROCKS!


  1. Two of my three kidlets has seen the new HP movie already, and the other soon will when he gets a night off work.

  2. I've never seen a Potter movie but it's because I don't enjoy science fiction movies. I never have. Even as a young girl when Star Wars came out, I went to see it and all my friends were blown away and I just thought that the special effects were great, but I didn't care for anything else much. What do I know?

    And why others would feel the need to tell a grown woman what YOU need to watch or not watch is beyond me!

  3. I'm also a Christian (although you'd be hard-pressed to tell it from some of my postings, and sorry for the digression) and I have never understood the folks who condemn those for watching some movie or another. It's all FANTASY, even the movies NOT about witchcraft or whatever. None of it is real. It's a MOVIE. Relax, folks. If it was a REAL sorcerer outside of my door, I would invoke Christ's name against him, but this is just a MOVIE.

  4. Eh, we all pick and choose what our family can deal with. Some families can't do witchcraft, some can't do sex scenes, some can't do violence, some can't do Rated R.......some can't even do Sponge Bob because of the effect he has on their kids. I'm not saying any of those are good to take in regularly, but IMO, our time would be better spent seeking the Lord on what He desires of us, versus what he desires for other people....especially if they are saved people. It seems to me that God is big and powerful enough to reach the heart of the people in whom He has placed His Spirit. :)

  5. I've never seen a Harry Potter movie. They came out when my kids were older (my kids watched Power Rangers). Anyway, it seems that there is enough children around the world that go to watch HP and read the books to keep JK writing and then writing some more. Are the anti-HP people saying that all those children are sinners?

  6. Some people will complain about absolutely anything. They're not even worth worrying about.