oh, it's a monday.....

after several weeks of relative calm, today has been one adrenaline rush after another. my plan for the day was laundry, working out, continue cleaning the office.

my reality for the day has been a 7 am phone call that my husband found (and broke) an uncharted gas line while grading a church lawn. The church was scheduled to have VBS there at 8. The fire dept and police closed off the area until the gas company could cap the line. Such excitement!!!

And then my daughter called. someone picked her off on her way to work. poor little pontiac solstice....cute little car but they don't stand up well in accidents. she's not hurt, just angry. spent the next few hours waiting for the police, viewing the surveillance tape of the accident, calling insurance, waiting for a tow truck...... i really dislike dealing with car junk.

and just for fun....it's day 3 of 100+ temps in our neck of the woods. they are forecasting at least 7 more days. this kind of heat just makes people grumpy.

but we did have a good laugh at the lady at the collision center. Someone had hit her mercedes. Her insurance was offering her a subcompact rental. and i quote "i don't want no geo metro. i came here in a mercedes and i want to leave in something of the same status. i'll be over at walmart. you call me when you have it worked out." cuz walmart is where folks who are concerned about their status shop?


  1. I work at a car lot and I know what you mean about dealing with car junk- YUCK!

    Glad she's okay though.

  2. Well think of it this way Jill, maybe she shops at Walmart because she spent all her money on the car and thus cannot afford the luxuries of Target.... Glad She's okay. Accidents are scary and not fun, but I think today was idiot/nutcase/horrid old people driver day. I got cut off, nearly run off the road, nearly clipped, and all sorts of other annoyances. Hope the rest of your week is less exciting, and I'm ready to punch the heat in the face!

  3. Oh no! I hate days like that. Bad things do seems to happen in groups, don't they? I'm glad your daughter wasn't hurt!

  4. Love the irony. The words "Walmart" and "Mercedes" should never collide in the same paragraph.