kidnapped by aliens

It's July 10th? i have very few memories of the past few days and since i don't go off on drunken binges and gave up drugs years ago, i'm guessing that the aliens kidnapped me.

i vaguely remember exercising every stinkin' morning. more proof that forces outside our universe have been involved. and my clothes are starting to fit better -- even those smaller sizes from the back of the closet. they must not have fed me very well.

there was a day when everyone sat outside to see if they could make their skin red. most of them succeeded admirably. i think it was a remembrance of an important day but it seemed that most of them didn't know what they were celebrating.

there was time spent in a large building staring at a brightly lit stage. several aliens performed the history of their species. it involved a search for the holy grail and a bush? they travel by galloping to the beat of coconuts. something about a sword and a lady who lived in a lake. bizarre.

and i think one of their kings passed away. they obviously have the ability to change appearance. i was confused, at first, by pictures of his reign, but soon realized they were all of the same person in different forms.

and now i'm back and looking forward to a more normal planet.....


  1. I haven't exercised in about a month! I am such a failure!!

  2. If alien kidnapping involves weight loss, then I'm all for it! (congrats!)