in search of a healthier me -- part 3

Just finished my second 30-day challenge on the EA Active program. Not gonna lie, it was hard to stay motivated this month. There was just so many things going on and finding time to workout was hard. I missed 3 workouts of the 20, so I still did okay.

I'm trying to get out of the habit of using weight as the main measurement of success. I did lose 2 more pounds but, more importantly, I lost a few more inches. My clothes are starting to get really loose and that's so encouraging.

The next 30 days starts on Saturday. There are some intense workouts in the next group...I'm looking forward to pushing myself a little bit this month.


  1. Wow, congratulations! I didn't get through the first 30 day challenge and the kids took the Wii to their bedrooms. I'm going to give it a go again for September, as right now I'm trying to re-establish my routine due to school starting.

    Will you be doing the "hard" challenge then? About losing weight....I was at 161 when I started, and I got through 14 workouts of the 20, and I had lost *maybe* 3 lbs. I am at 158 now, but I think I developed muscle. Next time I start I'll measure myself first, then I can see how well I'm succeeding. My clothes fit a bit tight still---well my jeans do, but that could be because of the time of the month.

    Cheering you on! :)

  2. kristi - i'm going to work my way through the preset workouts. it looks like there are 20 and they range from easy to "omg what are they thinking!"

    stick with it...even if you don't lose alot of weight, you are getting healthier.

  3. Something to build upon . . . go for it!

  4. That's awesome!! I, too, and trying to forgo looking at the scale as my weight loss measurement and look to how my clothes fit.

  5. Congrats on the lost inches and best of luck!