finally friday11 - the one where it's already Saturday

it's friday (well...not really...but i did actually sit down to do this yesterday, so just play along). and that means it's time to wrap up the week and get ready for a weekend. what have we been up to?

we took some pictures and had an adventure at that store that i hate and now we've been hanging out at the theatre taking orders. (only 3 more shows...woohoo) we've decided to take the leap to online ordering before the next production. it's just too many hours sitting at the shows.

We had a graduation party for the kids. Lots of great food and fellowship. Friends that we haven't seen for years stopped by to offer congratulations and to celebrate with us.
We believe that it's not a party without a pinata. Here's girl1 playing....if you look closely there's a 5 gallon bucket of water heading her way courtesy of boy2. There was also some kite flying which involved a fishing pole and someone standing on top of the motorhome to try to find a breeze and a glowstick war. That's just how parties go here....they get a little silly, but no one ever forgets them.
boy1 left on wednesday and is now visiting friends in Texas before he settles down in Tennessee. he's been really good about texting us about his trip. it makes it a little bit easier.
and i haven't been to Disneyland since i think we're going on monday. even though that's the first day that annual passholders are allowed back in the park since mid-June and they are predicting total craziness. it just happens to be the only day that girl1 has off before school starts. we'll check it out and, if it's nuts, we'll go do something else.

and that's busy crazy week filled with all sorts of varied emotions...and now i'm off to sell some pics so i can have some spending money for disneyland... =P


  1. So, it looks like we're coming to Disneyland in January. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Aww, you just missed us! We were at Disneyland yesterday! :D

    Have fun!

  3. Fun stuff. Love the yellow bottlecap hats.