finally friday12 - the one with a tv and an engagement

the week is done and it's time for another "wrap it up and toss it out" here goes:

we bought a new tv and eventually will get the remote(s) all straightened out.  why did we buy a new tv? cuz it's football season and ours died in the middle of Monday Night Football.   Soooo NOT okay!  i had to listen to both games on my new 52" radio and football is not the same without the picture.   

on tuesday, after we bought the tv, we hiked over to Chili's and enjoyed another fabulous dinner.  not because Chili's has the greatest food in the world, but because all the family members living in california were there and it doesn't happen very often.  an evening of laughter and crazy stories..i treasure those moments.

i also got braces on tuesday which made dinner painful but i'm surviving.   46 yrs old with braces....what was i thinking?   oh! i remember! i was thinking --"man, when did my teeth get all cattywhompus? ewwwwww...fix those things..."

wednesday was a "clean the house and whine about how much my teeth hurt" day.

thursday...fiasco at the dog groomers.  but Guido now looks beautiful and it was 50% off.   and then the big excited for girl1 and SIL2B

and it's FRIDAY!   lalalalalalalalala    gotta buy some dogfood and that's about it.

niece is coming to hang for a little bit tomorrow...haven't seen her for awhile.  and then dland on Sunday to celebrate girl1's 21st birthday.  such a big week for her!!!!  are we the only ones that think having your first legal drink at disneyland is a little funny?   acohol and disney just doesn't click in my brain but they make a decent margarita over in California Adventure.

have a fantastical weekend!!!!!

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  1. Drinking at Disneyland. That should be the name of a punk band.

    Seriously, you gotta be careful at a Disney bar. Someone is sure to try to slip you a Mickey.