finally friday13 -- the one with nothing special

it's friday...and here's the semi-regular "wrap it up and toss it out" post.   i really don't have much to wrap up.  i have to pay bills today because the dentist appt took up the normally scheduled give away my money time.  but i really haven't done anything interesting this week. 

we went to disney on sunday for girl1's 21st birthday.

i ordered a cool lens for my camera.

went to the dentist to see how much more pain he could inflict.  i'm excited about having a nice smile but it is going to be a long 18 months.  today the "nubbies" were attached to my teeth.  they are suppose to put more pressure on so the teeth move quicker.  it basically just means more dull pain in my mouth and now the aligners are even harder to remove.   "it's worth's worth's worth it...."

girl1 and sil2b at california adventure

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Eeeeeeek! Dental trauma -- almost rather have another 28-hour labor experience (in which the epidural didn't work).

  2. Sorry about the dental stuff. Ouch.

    Loved seeing another pic of Disneyland and Calf. Adventure. We'll be visiting again soon ourselves. It's 'our' place.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Does Disney go so far as to cancel out dental pain? Just wondering how powerful it is.
    Hope you have a happenin weekend.

  4. we'll see if disney is the best pain relief....i'm suppose to go on sunday....

  5. I can only re-iterate (I think I iterated already...) that my own dental pains and woes were all worth it (or, soon will be) in the long run. Stiff upper lip (if that's possible.)