guard dogs?

our lab/retriever (who has been pulling solo yard patrol since our pitbull died) is getting old and lazy. he now just raises his head when people walk in the yard, takes a quick assessment, and goes back to sleep. so we decided to get him some help so he can spend the rest of his days lounging in the sun.

yesterday, these two "guard" dogs came to live with us.

the animal shelter says that this little guy is a german shepherd/corgi mix. we say he's adorable. he was supposed to be the only one coming home but then boy2 saw this sweetheart and she stole his heart:

the shelter labeled her a pitbull/boxer. she thinks she's a lapdog. her previous owner was a jerk so she has a couple of bad habits. mostly, we're just going to love her into obedience.

i love this picture....he's going to be trouble...

OH! almost forgot....we haven't figured out names for them yet...feel free to throw in your two cents. =D


  1. Your pups are so adorable, I can see why they stole your hearts! Yep--the little one looks like trouble for sure!

  2. They are cuties. I'm sure your older dog with love the company and might get some energy going.

  3. I was going to comment this on FB, but I was here, and I'm lazy and so here is what I was going to say:

    I am very sad that I am not bringing you the flamingoes anymore because I had plans to steal the little girl pup. I think she would melt the coldest of hearts. And now you have thwarted my plans. Thanks Jill, thanks alot.

  4. if we have any trouble with her adjusting to the other dogs, you'll be the first person i call.

  5. Man, they are cute! I love coming up with critter names... I'll have a think.

  6. Cabbage. (I know that's a weird name, but it popped in my head! Don't ask why!) Critter! That would be cute. Or Sheila. (I've never had a dog, but I just think if I did her name should be Sheila, so I could sing that "Oh, oh Sheila" song to her.

  7. Personally, in the name of honoring the blogosphere, you should name them after appropriate blogs.

    Suldog and Quirky?