finally friday11 - the one with a funk and some puppies

it's FRIDAY!!!! and I, for one, am glad to put this week behind me. so here's the semi-regular "wrap-it-up and toss-it-out" post.

the week started with me in a whopper of a funk. thankfully, mine are like my labors. they don't last long but they are REALLY intense. so thanks for all the kind words and prayers..i've pulled back, refocused and am ready to face the world again.

the puppies are adjusting and we're having a great time discovering their personalities. the female (still not named) has a thing for water. keeping the water dish full is becoming quite a challenge. they aren't drinking it, she's splashing in it. the boy has been christened "swagger-jack" by the menfolk. the womenfolk are just calling him "jack" and he's still adorable.

boy1's apartment was broken into last night. two roommates lost laptops. thankfully, his room was locked and nothing was taken. i feel soooo bad for the roommates. college is hard enough without stuff like this. we're trying to get a couple of computers donated for them or at least some cash to help buy new ones.

fires are still burning throughout the southland. a new one started this morning. my throat hurts from the smoke and my allergies are out of control. and we're not technically into fire season yet.

after i pay the bills and do a couple of quick errands, i'll be ready for the holiday weekend. we're thinking a day out on the ocean....any place cooler than 103.

that's about it....have a great weekend!!!!


  1. That sucks about the theft! It's always such a violation.

  2. Yeah, I got broken into once and it was pretty traumatic. Hang in there, and enjoy the long weekend.

  3. I'm glad the funk is behind you.