no brace-face here

yep...i am now the proud wearer of invisalign aligners.....technically, they aren't braces. 

things i've discovered in the 2 hours of treatment.
1.  they are really difficult to remove the first few times. (if you get them, make sure you practice removing them before you leave the dentist office.   mine had a spot that was catching under my crown.  it had to be filed down.)

2.  the mouth pain starts after about 15 minutes of wearing.

3.  i should not have mocked my kids when they talked funny with their braces.

4.  it's gonna be a looooonnnnnnngggg 18 months.

5.  i'm glad i chose them over traditional braces. they really are invisible.

they also come with an additional benefit.   my dentist calls it the invisalign diet.  he says it's such a pain to take them out everytime you want to eat, that people stop snacking.  several of his patients are losing weight since getting the aligners.

i can live with that.......


  1. I wondered if you could eat with them in. They sound delightful!

  2. i had braces for 7 years and they were big silver and they hurt most of the time. they have come a long way baby.

  3. I know the "diet" feeling. Since I've had a new partial bridge on my lowers, I've not been snacking nearly as much. Bummer.