a list! a list! time for another list!

i was checking back through my posts and found this one that some how never got published.   since i have no breaking news today, figured i might as well post it now.  it's from may....

from the immense depths of my brain, here is a list of things that are taking up precious memory space.

1. you would think that folks with bottle tans would see that they are actually orange and realize that it's not a natural color for humans.

2. it never ceases to amaze me that every ballplayer who gets popped for a banned substance, claims that their doctor gave it to them and they didn't realize it was banned.

3. i am saddened by what is considered "news." newscasts, for the most part, are mostly tabloid entertainment shows now.

4. Star Trek was a really, really good movie....and the eye-candy factor was pretty good too.

5. i'm pretty stinkin' excited that there are already veggies in the garden.

6. the flab around my mid-section is NOT okay!

7. seeing Dirty Dancing tonight....curious how it will translate to stage.

8. another group of teens were killed in a car accident involving racing and drinking...makes my heart hurt.

9. my puppies are really cute.

10. space shuttle launches still fill me with awe.


  1. 11. Bloggers who make list are the best...
    From another list maker..

  2. I like this kind of randomness.

    Puppies are cute!

    I like your shoes! (included for the sake of seeming random... and because if I could see your shoes I am sure I would like them)

  3. I also enjoy randomness. It's how my mind works anyway, so it makes me feel very comfortable.