Halloween Screams

Went to Disneyland on Monday.  All by myself.  It was cold and damp and my friends just couldn't see the adventure in it.  I'm running out of days available to catch the new fireworks show, so off I went.   In typical Disney fashion, it rained all the way there and then--

we think they make their own weather.

Wandered around for a few hours, enjoying all the details that make the Disney magic and then staked out a spot for the show -- 3 hours in advance -- and there were already several benches reserved.    Met some fun fokls while waiting and then, finally, the show began!

took me a couple shots to get the camera settings correct and then a couple more to find a way to balance on my wobbly bench so the pics wold be in focus....

but i finally got all situated and snapped some better than average fireworks shots....(I really struggle with nighttime photograpy, so this made me happy).

The lights on the castle and the projection on the globe are amazing.   So worth the three hour wait....lol


  1. I haven't been there around Halloween but can see they made fun changes in their fireworks show. Oh, I can't wait to go early next year!

  2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Love the Disney weather machine.

  3. I envy your ability to whisk away to Disneyland whenever you want! So much fun!

  4. That looks COOL! I hope we can get their for my kids spring break, but I know they'll have different fireworks then.