if you're going to phish, please use the correct bait

latest alert from my Bank of America Online Banking account.   you know.....from the one bank that I stopped doing business with in 1982.  The only bank that couldn't convince me to take free money.   yea....that account.   Supposedly I tried to access it with the wrong password too many times and they are so kind as to want to help me out.

"Because you have to many wrong attemps on your Bank Of America Online Banking,

we had to put your account on hold.

Account Status: Blocked

We ask you to complete as soon as possible our security steps
which will reactivate your online banking.

To do this please follow the link bellow :

*there was a stupid link here*

After this steps are complete you will be contacted by phone
in 3 days by a Bank Of America reprezentative."

They really had me concerned until they misspelled "to," "attemps," "bellow,"  and "reprezentative."    wow....don't think I'll be doing "this steps."

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  1. I had to laugh out loud at the outright lameness of this come-on. Sadly, there are enough folks out there who wouldn't have the first clue that this is a scam, who aren't observant enough to spot the errors in spelling and grammar, who represent a shockingly large group of people who are ripe for the picking.

    When did humankind become so dumb and gullible?