another day...another trip to disney

went to my favorite hangout yesterday with a couple friends I haven't seen in a long time.  It was a beautiful day of catching up and fun.  

children's choir from Uganda ...they were excellent...

Avery was super excited to meet the newest Disney Princess!

We found out the Disney photographers aren't allowed to take jumping pics...
but we jumped anyway...

such a fun, silly day with great friends...


  1. Disneyland is so beautiful when decorated for Christmas. I didn't like the Haunted Mansion changed though. Guess I'm a Disneyland traditionalist. LOL

  2. Man. I gotta say how green with envy I am that you get to go to Disney so often. And I really am green, at least my sweater is. And the frogs on my socks. Ooh, and my eyes, too.

  3. You are such a rebel! LOL! My daughter would love to see the new princess!

  4. I'm glad you jumped, too! You've proven why this truly is the happiest place on earth!