my daughter is a "racist black baby killer"

yep.....that's what she was told this someone claiming to be a times over in facebook land.     i'm not sure what the man was trying to accomplish with his first inflammatory post, but he got way more than he expected.   several very intelligent young people responded with well written rebuttals to each argument he tossed out.   in the end, he just started calling them names and eventually tired of his game and disappeared. 

I've heard from others that he frequently posts hateful, racists comments on teenagers pages just to upset them.   we found it pathetic and then it became ridiculous. seriously....a "racist black baby killer?"  

i've reported him to admin for cyber bullying and racist/hateful posts.....


  1. Wow!

    Oh, and I should be coming to Disneyland at the first of February. Can't wait!

  2. WHAT A JERK!! Glad you reported him!!

    Question: How did he get to her page on FB? Is her page open to everyone? I have a FB page and I have had to go in and change all the settings so you have to be a friend to see or comment on my page. Not a friend of a friend, only a friend to see my page. The original settings are for anyone to see and comment on your page and see all your information.

  3. She had left a comment on a friend's page and he responded there. All our pages are private.

  4. The sad part of it is you can get off-the-wall ridiculously overblown comments on Facebook if you say that you like chewy brownies and then someone else says they like the cakey ones. I never sweat commentary from people obviously deficient in the mental department (which is about 50% of Facebook, but I digress.)

  5. I'm glad you reported him. Other people don't find being accused of being a witch as commical as I do, and his other "names" were legitimatly offensive and innappropriate to the original coversation. I have half a mind to drive up to his little farm and bring him a copy of the Bible and the book What's so Amazing about Grace, but he'd probably just drunch me in holy water and try to burn me at the stake.

  6. How horrible!

    I had something similar happen on Facebook. It was ugly. It took lots of emails to Facebook family and friends to set the record straight. I ended my relationship with Facebook and won't try again. And I had a friend who stood up for me and confronted the man who did this and silenced him.