merry christmas to me

As you probably know, boy1 is a music lover and one of the musicians that he listens to regularly is David Phelps.  Boy1 has been trying to see him in concert for several years and it just never works out.   This year, David Phelps and the Gaither Vocal Band performed in Nashville. 

Boy1 and David Phelps on December 4

Boy1 called and raved about the concert and told me that David Phelps would be in So Cal on December 6 and that I should NOT miss the concert.  So I called a friend and off we went to see if we could score some tickets at the door.

When I went to see if tickets were still available, the lady handed me two and said "Merry Christmas."  I guess someone wanted to spread some Christmas joy and had purchaed extra tickets to be given away.  I can't really explain how stinkin' excited I was!!!!   and......

here's where we sat:

2nd row!!! center section!!! 
how awesome is that?!?!

I told boy1 that I would take a pic to match his.
It was almost like seeing the concert together.  lol


  1. I'm going to assume that David Phelps is some kind of music performer, yes?

  2. you should look him up on youtube. he's fantastic!

  3. Love it! What a great experience!