in search of a healthier me -- part 5

Actually, we've now decided to search for healthier mii's.    My friends and I are tired of turning on the wii fit and having our little mii look all cute and thin and then BAM!! a front butt appears while the wii board says "that's overweight!"   So we've formed a facebook group and we're holding each other accountable to fitness goals.  Everyone has set their own workout routine and checks in once a day.

Some of the gals decided to post before pics.  I'm always up for a good laugh, so here's what I posted.

January 2009....excited that there's a celebration just for me.

June...about 4 days before I got serious about exercising.

January 2010....after losing 24 pounds and 2 pants sizes.

Excited to find my "normal mii." 


  1. 24 pounds? Way to go! Congratulations on not having so much of you to carry around! :-)

  2. you already know this, but you're my hero. I forgot to join in that FB group, but I'm working my tail (and hopefully alot more) off! heehee!

  3. You look great! Congrats on the loss!! I'm still plugging away at WW and my running program. I should be back to college weight by mid-spring, I think (though it's fine if it takes longer... I refuse to put myself under crazy pressure, like I have in the past). Oh, and I don't have a mii and I won't get one 'til I'm sure it won't have an extra butt! ;)

  4. Great job! I think a lot of us have made that commitment for the new year. Salads and the gym are my new best friends.

  5. You know I think you look awesome, Jill! Thanks for inspiring me to get going on the EA Sports Active (back in July) and now to search for a normal (even better) Mii! You're a gem, girl!

  6. Wow, you mean that if I continue to let the Wii fit harass me, that I too could meet with some success? Hmmm.