bride expo #1

yesterday we visited our first bride expo.  quite an experience.  we basically came home with a bag full of business cards....i have a more comprehensive list of  vendors that i've pulled from the internet.  

we were hoping to see samples of place settings and floral arrangements but most of the vendors just had a banner and flyers/business cards.  we did make appointments with a couple of florists who took the time to set up displays.  

fell in love with a band who played in the courtyard but were told that their cost is several thousand dollars for 3 hours, so we'll just play their cd.  lol

and here's some helpful hints for any vendor who might stumble upon this:
1.  don't wear black....everyone was in a black tux or black cocktail dress

2.  if you are displaying reception decorations....don't use pink tulle and please drape it nicely......wish i had a picture of the pink brothel booth...

3.  if you are a caterer and offering truffles....they should be uniform in shape and size....those coconut covered turds were not appealing

4.  it helps if you can speak and understand english....

5.  breath mints...nuff said

6.  artistic pictures of a thin bride with back fat aren't going to get you hired.  if you can't make a skinny girl look nice, most brides are going to walk away....


  1. I have never been to one. I always wanted to go.

    Have Boy 1 send me a SNuggie pic. Maybe while snowboarding!

  2. I remember my wife going to shows like this when we were engaged. Thank goodness we only had to go through the experience once :) It amazes me how extensive the wedding industry is...there's almost no limit to what's out there.