misc stuff

hubby1 bought me a new camera for valentines day.   so of course, i've been taking lots of pics this week.  i even had to go to disneyland this morning to practice with it.  those pics will eventually find their way to the other blog (thatdisneyblog.blogspot.com).

anyhoos....here's a couple of shots of the hubby taking down the annoying pine tree.

and about that beautiful blue sky, this is just a temporary break from winter.  
it'll be raining and 50ish next week.   (we also have earthquakes....so don't hate)

Update:  laughing at the fact that we just had an earthquake...but it is 80 degrees today,
it all evens out....


  1. Hubby1's hawt! (Good call on the new camera for Valentine's too.)

  2. I just got a notice from the city yesterday that they want the pine tree in the back cut down. I'm impressed (and a little jealous too, if I'm honest) that your hubby could do that on his own.