spring is in the air

about the new pic up there^     I took it yesterday on one of those speedy trips through Disneyland.  I swear the flowers were simply screaming to be appreciated.     I LOVE how it turned out!  

Hubby1 is currently removing a huge pine tree so we can expand our garden area.  woohoo!   Next week we'll turn over the beds and start planning.   In just a couple of weeks, it will be time to started planting!  I adore this time of year!


  1. Ohh the new pic looks amazing! OH and I love the new wallpaper! Your blog looks great! So pretty!

    Ok--the disney pics--I can't find them quite yet, please bear with me, I'll get some to you once I find them, k?

    Also--the tree skirt...no pressure, but I don't want you to think I'm forgetting. Letting you know I am available anytime to make one for you. :)

  2. Where do you live again? Oh, right. Not where I do. Lucky you!