finally friday 18 -- the one with spring stuff

It's here!  planting time - lots of lilies this year and veggies galore!  love spring time!

I cheated this year and bought a couple large plants....fresh tomatoes in less than a month!
so done with store bought...ugh....  

Spent the morning weeding and prepping the beds.  I would have planted but my arms and back protested.
Tomorrow is suppose to be a glorious day in the southland, so I'll finish then.

Next week, I have to finish up the tax stuff...this is the time of year when I don't like being self-employed.  So many things to keep track of.

family update:  boy1 just got accepted for an internship at a large church in Florida.  he'll be working with the worship team.   girl1 is busy with wedding stuff and has decided to improve her cooking skills.  she's in charge of one dinner a week.   boy2 is loving Alaska....a week on the job and he's already been given a raise.   hubby1 is spending the weekend hooping for lobsters.  It's the last weekend of the season and our supply is very low. 

That's about is coming in on Monday and want us to join them at Disneyland.  It's rude to say "no" to family, so we'll probably have to force ourselves to go.   =D

have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. I hope that beautiful weather stays! We are heading out your way on the 23rd.

  2. My mom and I gave up on store bought tomatoes too. Our tomatoe plant gets alot of love. And tell that daughter of yours that I collect cookbooks and she is more than welcome to use them. I even have a bunch of French recipes I cannot pronounce that involve animal organs not meant for human consumption.

  3. Nice! I hate store bought tomatoes, but am having to stick it out until I grow some of my own.

    Do you know how to tell when we can start sowing seeds into the ground in our area?

  4. i always start my seeds inside...just in case we get one of those weird cold spells.

  5. Disneyland? I had no idea you liked going there :)

  6. I know--that happens sometimes. I ended up sowing my winter seeds right into the ground---half came up, half didn't. I think I might go ahead and try that for spring and see what kind of results I get. Better start a diary, so I can refer back to my findings.

  7. Sounds lovely! It's warming up here, but we still have snow. come one spring!

    Have fun at Disney and congratulation to your boys and girl on their accomplishments.

  8. MY WIFE was telling me something about there being a tomato shortage, so good idea!

    (I'll wait until I see it, actually, before I plant my own. I can't imagine there being a tomato shortage.)