Finally Friday20 -- some of this, some of that, and some of the other thing

It's Finally Friday.  I spent much of yesterday thinking IT was Friday, so today doesn't seem like such a big deal.   Time to wrap up the week and move on to the weekend.

Nothing really special this week. 

1.  I did a Disneyland trip on Monday.   These are going to be harder to sneak in as the wedding gets closer.

2.  Picture orders are trickling in slowly and that's frustrating.   We're trying out on online ordering site and we expected the parents to order pretty quickly.  Only 3 orders so far, but 60+ have visited the albums.  We're offering 10% for the first 2 weeks, so hopefully that'll motivate them.   So far there's about a 3 day turnaround on orders, so we're pleased--makes us look good.

3.  We'll be at the theatre all weekend.  We're taking the computers and offering to help the internet-challenged place their orders.

4.  Girl1's bridal shower is tomorrow afternoon...looking forward to it.

5.  Going to a memorial service in the morning...not looking forward to that so much.

6.  Got a phone call from a customer/friend who has owed us money for about 5 years.  (again..why do we offer to work for friends?)  I'm making hubby1 call her back.  I'm really not in the mood to deal with it.

7.  We're 6 weeks and a couple days away from the BIG's getting exciting!

8.  Our garden is doing great...we actually had a dinner this week with fresh grown veggies.   It was AWESOMENESS!!!

9.  It's 10:20 and the puppies are still sleeping?  It reminds me of the rare days when the babies didn't wake up at 6AM and I could enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee.

10.  And, sadly, I think my iphone may be dying and I don't have the money to get another one, so i'll have to downgrade.

have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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