just a wee bit busy

Sunday was WEDDING DAY!!!!  The weather was uncommonly cool for late June in our desert (mid 80's with a slight breeze).   We navigated through all the broken bones, a broken mainline at our house on Friday, and all the other bumps in the road and the wedding was perfect!

I didn't have much opportunity to snap pictures but here are a couple of girl1 before the ceremony.

(this is was the first time she tried on her dress....just to show the back)

and some shots from the rehearsal:

all the hearts on their shirts light up when they are close together and then dim as they are further apart....they are such geeks.

Can't wait to see the professional pictures....they will be posted as soon as we get them.
and now I'm off to get caught up on paperwork and sneak away for a dinner date with my hubby.


  1. I had to laugh at your 80's being cool, comment. And she is stunning!

  2. when we first started tracking the weather, it was supposed to be 97 on her wedding day....pictures were scheduled for 3:30, so it would have been miserable.

  3. That dress is GORGEOUS!!!

    Congratulations again, that's so fun!

  4. Hi Jill! Looks as if the wedding was fabulous! Your daughter makes an awesome bride.

    Bob (RUSerious)