coming this week or......

.....reasons to stop by for a visit over the next 5 days.

I bought a new car......there will be pictures.

We took a roadtrip....there will be pictures.

I got tickets to see a taping of "So You Think You Can Dance"....and while there won't be pictures of the actual taping, I'm sure there will be some fun stories.

Hope to see you all soon!


  1. I'm picking up MY new car in....1/2 hour!!!! YAY!!

    We haven't taken a road trip : (

    We saw the American Idols Live Tour last Wednesday! Lots of fun stories AND pictures to go around!

    Hope you have tons of fun with the new car and So You Think You Can Dance taping!!

  2. How fun! what kind of car did you get?

    we saw the AI tour the season with Adam was a fantastic concert!

  3. It's a Chevy Malibu!! It's AWESoME! Am definitely loving it

    : D

    Yeah, we've been the last three years and it's been incredibly fun!

    Going to check out your post with car pics!