bye bye cool car....

hello 40+ mpg.....

yep, we traded in the beautiful can see a pic of it here and here.   I loved, loved, LOVED that car.  I didn't love cost of maintaining it.   So when the transmission started slipping and top started leaking and the windows stopped working and the a/c started shutting off....well, you get the idea.

so I disappointed my youngest child and bought a mom car - which is ironic cuz we are empty nesting and that is when most people buy their fun sports car. 

but here is the new ride...already dirty from the weekend roadtrip through the desert.
a cute little jetta sportswagon

the "T" stands for "turbo"


  1. Very cool! My friend's grandma is buying her a car (I still say it's not fair because my family instills the "You have to work for what you want" philosophy, but whatever!). She wants a Jetta so to some extent I know she'd be jealous of you!

    Have fun with it!!

  2. Very cool, Jill!

    Shoot--for me, a running car is a cool car. LOL

  3. Enjoy the blog, keep 'em comin'

  4. Sweet. Time to take advantage of the turbo!