finally friday 22....the one with all the stupid people

The things that caught my eye this week:

1.  poor Lindsay Lohan....didn't really understand the terms of her probation and that mean old judge is making her go to jail.     Mommy and Daddy are really upset too...."she needs rehab, not jail"  "if she wasn't so famous, they would treat her differently".....

2.  "King" Lebron James.....whatever....

3.  California had another California news (term used loosely) let anyone who felt it call in and share their stories...."it shook really hard and then it just stopped"   "it seemed like it shook forever"  "no, no damage"  "it was scary"....this went on for almost 2 brain hurt.

4.  someone is suing us and reporting us to the BBB and emailing us demanding money.  the amounts requested for the same repair?  $1335....$1600....$1000      we answered the one demanding the smallest amount and he agreed to that.

5.  boy2 is driving to Alaska...he loaded up his car on Monday morning, waved goodbye and headed north.   I went to see "Toy Story 3" Monday night...that was dumb...really dumb

6.  That crazy Westbo...Bapt....Church is going to picket Comic-Con this year.   because "the attendee's have made comic books into idols"     I'm going just to take pictures of the signs that the comic con folks are bringing. 

That's about it....starting the cleaning of the rooms after the kids cleaned out their rooms.  I'm foreseeing a garage sale in the near future.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Ahh, so you caught all the earthquake talk too? What a ridiculous waste of air time.....earthquakes DO shake, everyone kind of knows that....

    You're going to Comic Con?? Say hi to Allie if you see her--she's going too!

    Hmm...about the picketing....sounds sort of silly to me. They'd better get out there and picket the car dealerships and neighborhood drug dealer's houses too, then. Don't forget to throw in the liquor store..... ;)

    Ick, sorry about being sued. That's not fun.

    Have a great weekend, friend!