finally friday -- but i'm so out of it that it's already saturday

time to wrap the week up and move on to the holiday weekend.    this week has been a mish-mash of craziness.....

on monday, i joined a couple of friends on what could be called an extreme road trip to help a friend.   we drove 1250 miles in just under 25 hours.   

on tuesday, VW called and denied my request for a new car.   something about "when you buy a new car, you agree to let the dealer fix warranty issues as they see fit."  I was also informed that the dealership was going to make a cash offer in compensation for my trouble.

wednesday was the "how much coffee will it take to keep me functioning" day.   (a lot, by the way)

On Thursday, we decided that we might as well find an attorney because it's become pretty obvious that we're getting jerked around with this whole car thing.    And wouldn't you know it? The attorney we picked is 15 minutes from, of course, after I dropped off the paperwork, I met girl1 at the parks for a few hours.   Funny how that worked out....

Friday happened and now it's Saturday and Labor Day weekend.....

Party Safely!!!!!

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  1. At least you got to visit the park. Better coming week to you. :)