adventures in car land

As you all know, I bought a new car in July--on July 14th to be exact.   On July 15th, the sunroof failed so I took it back to the dealer.  We figured something got bumped loose and it was no big deal.  The dealer didn't even fill out a workorder...they just fixed it (note:  ALWAYS get a work order....ALWAYS).

Since then, the sunroof has failed numerous times and the dealer has had it for almost 3 weeks.   For those inquiring minds:  On hot days, the roof will open but will not close completely.   Even when it won't close, you can open it fully.   They've deteremined (by replacing) that it's not a switch or the motor.   They are currently removing the roof, the headliner and the sunroof frame.  Basically, they don't have a clue and are just trying everything and anything to see if something magically works.

I finally convinced them to test other cars on the lot to see if it's a design flaw or just my car.   It's just my car (and some other guy's car...but really...just those two).    

I've learned a lot about lemon laws and Volkswagen in the past three weeks.   Did you know that the lemon law only covers "safety issues" not "luxury options?"   Yep...sunroof is not covered....even if it doesn't work the day after you buy the car.     Did you know that VW has some incredible customer service skills?   They answer their phones on the first or second ring.    They identify themselves clearly.   They let you talk and then repeat what you've said.   They call you back when they say they will.   It's pretty awesome.  Doesn't fix my car, but at least I don't dread calling them.

Currently, I've decided that I don't want my car anymore.    It's not really a "new" car anymore.   They keep telling me that when they fix it, it will be "just like new."  I keep telling them that's what people say when they are selling their used cars.  

The regional office is seeing if they can get me a different car....they didn't even snicker when  I asked.  I appreciate that.    I'll know "by the close of day on Tuesday."    In the meantime, I'm seeing how many miles you can put on a loaner in three weeks......hehehe


  1. Best of luck. From what you say concerning their customer service, you may get what you want. If so, be sure to let us - and the world - know. It's really nice to get good customer service these days.

  2. wouldn't be great if they gave me a new car and we could convince a local news to sing their praises? I'd love to hear stories about companies that stand by their products. here's hoping that VW makes good.

  3. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  4. just a quick update.....i will not be reporting that the company stood by their product. we are now letting the lawyers work it out.