A Car, GPS, and Time

Hubby1 flew back to California on Saturday leaving me to find my way home.   I've never driven across country alone before and have to admit that it was a little scary.  But more than scary, I was super excited to get up in the morning and decide what adventures I would have that day.

On Sunday, I headed north to Peru, Indiana to visit a wonderful friend.   We had a incredible evening filled with great food and a game of Mexican Train dominoes.

Monday  morning I went to see family in Kokomo and then decided to drive to St. Louis to take some pictures of the arch.  I made it just in time for sunset which was a perfect time for photography.

 Tuesday found me in my favorite state -- South Dakota.   I love the way it smells, the scenery, the funny roadside figures....everything.  I took the following picture while driving and didn't even notice all the smaller statues.    They were a fun surprise when I uploaded the pictures to the computer.

The flamingo and I made a pit stop at the Lewis and Clark Memorial Bridge.  

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