Rock City, Tennessee

This was our Friday day trip while boy1 was at work.    What a beautiful place to spend a few hours....the views are breathtaking and FairyLand is a surprising (and a little bit creepy) end to the adventure.

 seven states Russia

Hubby1 got bored and started insisting that I take flying pics of the flamingo.

and, before you leave, you get to wander thru Fairyland Caverns....we were not prepared for this and couldnt stop laughing at the treasures we found.

 I like gnomes but these guys were creepy

The black light is so outdated....and, in a strange way, very charming.


  1. I hoped you liked it since I suggested it... Yes, fairy land is creepy/weird. But other than that, I love the rock formations and trails..

  2. we enjoyed was stunning!