road trip - day 2

On Day 2, we stopped at Carlsbad Caverns.....mainly because, even though we've both lived in the southwest for decades, we haven't been there.

I hate signs like this...
I know my knee is going to hurt after hiking, but I'm tired of letting it dictate my life.

We decided to hike down instead of taking the elevator. 
It was slightly intimidating but I'm very glad we did.   You miss a lot
if you choose the elevator.

I've had a flamingo on my camera bag forever and I lost him a few months ago.
I finally remembered to get a new one.

Caves are awesome!

And of course we had to stay for the bats....
I don't like birds (or flying mammals) (I'm actually quite freaked out by them), so I stayed in the parking lot
while hubby1 went down to the cave entrance to watch.

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