need to learn to breathe.....

This week has been one of those weeks.   Beginning with a to-do list that included massive amounts of printing and the printer dying on Monday and continuing with stupid, irritating things, one right after the other.  It was windy so I chose to blame my grumpiness on that but I knew it wasn't entirely the wind's fault.

Part of my gurmpiness came from the fact that I hate waiting and I've been waiting to be converted from a seasonal employee to a part-time.   I was told that it could be a week to two months.  In the meantime, my next shift would be sometime in mid-March.    I didn't think I was letting it bug me too much, but hubby hasn't been working much and bills keep coming in and I have always stressed about finances.

Yesterday, I had an overwhelming urge to go pick up costumes (even though I didn't think I'd be working until March).    I really had gotten to the point where I figured I'd be seasonal thru the spring break season and converted before summer, so I'm not really sure why having costumes available was a nagging concern.   But I couldn't get it off my mind, and off to work I went.

And then, today, I got that amazing phone call!   I am now a CR (casual regular) and will be able to call in for shifts starting Monday and will be back on the schedule in two weeks.     What a relief!   

Do you think I will ever learn to let life happen and quit stressing over things that I over which I have no control?

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  1. Waiting sucks. You have my utmost sympathy. I hate waiting for things that I can't in any way control.