in search of a healthier me.....continuing

Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?

At the beginning of the year, I got the crazy idea that a 5K wasn't really THAT long of distance...which  led to the thought that I could probably jog a 5K...which led to me actually looking for local 5Ks....which led to me stating that I was planning on registering for a 5K at Disneyland (where else?) in September.....

I hoped that maybe a friend or two would join me in my crazy adventure.    I did not expect more than 20 friends to express interest.   

As of today, there are 4 of us already signed up and training.  

Right now, I'm managing a 14 min/mile pace which is 6 minutes faster than it was in January.   This week I'm increasing the distance to 2 miles with the hopes of maintaining my current pace at the new distance.   

Hubby1 is running with me and his training plan is to run 3 miles at random times....not be able to walk for a week and when he can walk again, run another 3 miles.     I'm not confident in that type of training being efficient but whatever....

Girl1 is being a showoff and running a 35 minute 5K already.    We pretty much hate her.

So here we are at 48/49 years old.....preparing to run our first race....pray for our sanity.....
and our old, protesting muscles....


  1. I've been wanting to start running as well... Then I remember my knees can't take it anymore :)
    It's inspiring to hear about your goal.
    Good Luck!

  2. Your Hubby's training sounds somewhat similar to my spring training for fast-pitch softball, except mine mostly involves somewhat longer walks as opposed to actual running for long distances (my knees react much more kindly to the walking.) Walk a lot, rest, get achy, heal, walk some more... yup, very similar.

    So, how's about an update? How's it going now?