Green just isn't his color

I recently applied for a speciality job at work.  I was a couple months short of the required time on the job and more than a couple months shy of the preferred time but thought it would be a good way to let my manager know that I'm interested in leadership roles.   There were 4 spots available, 28 people applied and 12 were granted interviews.   I was thrilled just to make it to the interview round.

I felt that it was absolutely the worst interview of my life, but wasn't too upset.  I wasn't expecting to get  the position; it was simply a step on the long term career plan.   Long story short....I got one of the spots!  Which should be really exciting...and it was (and still is) but there's been some interesting responses from my co-workers.

The response from the people I will be working with has been incredible.  I took the time to meet most of them before I applied, picked their brains about the job and started building relationships.   They seem genuinely happy to have me on the team.

The response from coworkers has been very supportive...except for this one guy who applied for the job and didn't get it.   He's evidently thought the job was his for the taking.

I understand disappointment and I even understand feeling that you were a better choice for something.  What shocked me was his sitting at a table of coworkers and telling them what a horrid person I am and how I'm not who I pretend to be and how management is going to be shocked when my true colors start showing.....all while I was sitting at the next table!

People are stupid....and bad mouthing coworkers is not the best way to get leadership roles...just sayin'


  1. There is always one... My BFF went out of her way to get an aquaintance a job, now all she does is resist, manipulate, and gossip... It's horrible.
    Congratulations on your new position, kill 'em with kindness!

  2. thanks! i just ignore stuff like this and focus on doing my job. Life's too short....

  3. People like that exist, unfortunately, and there's not much we can do about them (within the law, and within morality.) Just be comforted by the fact that his inner demons are probably far worse to live with than anything he might let loose on you.

  4. How completely my limited experience, it's best to just let those sorts of a**holes hang themselves, which they will eventually. Or, just ignore them as much as possible, which will (possibly) drive them crazy. At least, that's the plan!