finally friday #(insert whatever number you want)

It's Friday and time to wrap up the week and toss it out so we can enjoy the weekend.   Since I started working, Friday has become my Monday ....except for the weeks when Thursday is my Monday and then Friday is my Tuesday but get the idea.

I've been off work since Monday (well, technically Tuesday morning at 3 am but again...yeah...whatever...) and don't have to clock in until 10:30 tonight which has made for a nice mini vacation week.   In which I did nothing but catch up on paperwork, take my car to the shop, go to the dentist and clean the house....awesome....

I'm out of sorts today and not really sure why.   Been dealing with a couple icky issues lately, but I think one has been resolved (finally....and may I just insert here that people are stupid?)

I have four more nights of crazy late shifts and then move to mornings for a few days.   I like being in the parks during the daylight hours...but switching back and forth from closing to opening shifts makes sleeping difficult.  

It's a holiday weekend...and there will be crazy folks camping out in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle from opening until fireworks on the's their holiday and they can spend it however they choose....

and that pretty much concludes the "waste my readers' time" post for the day....i apologize....but yeah....whatever.....

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  1. Well, I'm not quite sure why you think people are stupid, but I generally agree!