finally friday....the one with the promotion

it's been awhile but it's hard to put together coherent sentences with my work schedule.  here's an update from my corner of the world:

1.  still love my job....most of the time....see #2

2.  accepted a promotion....received some of the most sporadic training you can imagine...being forced to learn as I go which isn't really comfortable for me

3.  not sure why people have to play stupid high school games....if you have a problem with someone, just speak with them....

4.  boy1 is graduating from college on May 5....seems like he just moved to nashville....

5.  still enjoying the's nice to have a car which actually works

6.  there's a cruise on the horizon....well september....but that's close enough to start being excited about it....

that's about it for now...have a fantastical day!

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