still happy

carmi's happy theme has had me digging thru recent pics. thanks for making us focus on the good things in's been a fun week of remembering. =D

at first, boy2 just was dancing thru the line and then, when he realized that i had caught him, he burst out in laughter. teenagers remembering how to have fun always make me happy.

having time to relax and enjoy the world around me always makes me happy. this picture was taken at Sea World, San Diego. The little boy who is holding the starfish was enthralled. He sat sooooo still. His parents didn't want us to take a picture of his face, but they gave permission for us to shoot this. [edit] girl1 took this pic with our olympus camera that is pretty much indestructable....she demands photo credit...cuz she's funny like that.

Who could resist smiling at this
adorable face? This is Guido....he's our
maltese/shihtzu puppy. Someday I'll
write a blog about him and his quirkiness.

and, finally, being able to enjoy boy1 perform is one of the things that always brings me joy. to see him getting to use his beautiful voice to bring joy to others is an amazing thing. here he performs "If I Can't Love Her" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."


  1. So Not June CleaverOctober 28, 2008 at 2:17 PM

    Wow - I love the photo of the starfish. Your dog and son are absolutely adorable, too!

  2. hi jill,

    thanks for your visit to It Strikes Me Funny.

    your son's big smile is a winner. he reminds me of my youngest, now age 35, when he had longer hair than he does now, when it went down to the middle of his back!


    gord h.

  3. Guido looks like such a sweetie. Can't wait to read all about him.

    Love the anecdote about your son. As long as we can laugh at ourselves, right? It's an important lesson that I hope our kids take with them into adulthood. It's obvious you've taught him well.