last blog about the goober prize job and other boring stuff we finished "that" job....just have to fill the orders and deliver them. the orders were decent but the attitudes pretty much sucked. there were lots of negative comments from parents and parents encouraging others not to order from us. it's sad to see adults behave in such a childish manner.

the producers have asked us to come back to shoot a production in March. We've agreed to sit down and discuss the possibility. I think they realized that we were promised things but the contact person forgot to notify the producers of the agreements. It was just a bad situation that escalated into chaos.

the good news is that they said that they didn't realize that we were angry and that we were actually contemplating leaving on the first day. they assured us that they REALLY want us to continue with them and that they LOVED the pictures. (which are on the other computer, so i can't share them right

in other news....the young lady that we hired to help us on Saturday bailed after 3 hours. (she was hired for 10). her lack of commitment bugged me, but it did save me $100... so whatever. i feel bad because there were several other young people who wanted the job and who probably would have stayed for the entire day.

elections are tomorrow and i'll be glad when my phone stops ringing. we now pick it up and exclaim that we are voting yes on 13 to reinstate Pluto as a planet. funny thing....they keep hanging up.

we've decided to have a Prop 13 rally....just to lighten up election day. we're making signs in the morning....i live on a major thorough-fare so it should be fun.

disneyland on monday....possibly on tuesday also....we have no life.

circuit city will close all their stores tomorrow as they prepare for store closings. 155 stores by the end of the year. funny thing is that they just opened a store by my house. craziness. my 2 best buy employee kids think it's great.

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