my 10 favorite things about being a parent....

.....because I would hate to leave you thinking that all I could come up with is my least favorite things. I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a mom. I can't imagine my life without the three weirdos that have shared our living space for the past 22, 20 and 17 years.

10. baby belly know the ones....when they laugh with their entire body

9. story time with Girl1. she works customer service at Best Buy. she is a FANTASTIC storyteller. she comes home and re-enacts the best moments of her day.

8. the fact that they still come in at night and want to talk before going to bed. I usually read before falling asleep and the joke is that it takes forever for me to finish a book because they are always coming in to talk.

7. memories made at disneyland....that place where they forget to act "cool" and just have fun

6. first day of school. the nervousness...the excitement...the pride of being a "big" kid

5. game nights. i don't think our family has ever finished a game of "Life." usually someone gets bored and then they get silly and then (usually) the game ends because "Godzilla" comes along and stomps on all our cars. yep...that's our family...

4. two year olds. everything was so exciting to them.

3. unique pronounciations of words that have become part of our family's vocabulary. (ordaments, hamanburgs, etc)

2. inside jokes that make us laugh until we can't breathe (which often occurs when we are some place where we should behave - like church or a museum.)

and my favorite thing about being a parent....

1. that very first baby smile...the one that is slightly crooked and a little bit goofy but makes you realize that you didn't really know what love was until that moment.

interaction time: what are your favorite moments?


  1. So Not June CleaverOctober 27, 2008 at 10:42 AM

    Love this list. Except #4. Seriously? Your two year olds must have been more fun than mine!

  2. i'm sure there were some bad moments....but, for the most part, i pretty much adore two year olds.

  3. Ohh that was a great list too! #3 pitalhos (hospital) Boo always said it backwards.