it's almost noon!

and what have i done for the past 2 1/2 hours (have you noticed that 2 1/2 hours looks a lot longer than 2.5 hours?) anyhoos......I've been on the phone (well, actually 2 phones) with my cell phone provider (which will remain anonymous to avoid any comments about better providers).

and why, you may ask, would it take 2 1/2 hours (it does look more impressive written that way) to fix anything involving a cell phone? and what, you may ask, could possibly have been broken?

the why:
she's from the south (you need to say this with a slow, hollywood actress, southern drawl) and speaks and types like a true southern belle from the early 1800s. i like the southern accent and all, but i'm from southern california and we lost the ability to move slowly and enjoy life with the introduction of the freeway system. i swear i lost brain cells waiting for her to finish a sentence. "i.....'" (which i always want to answer "no" but i don't cuz i want to eventually have a cell phone that functions)

the what:
i could send texts but not receive them which kind of defeats the purpose of texting.


my voicemail box disappeared about a month or so ago which wasn't a big deal because everyone could just text me their messages but that didn't work so well this today

the solution:
2 1/2 hours later -
she fixed the texting thing with surprising speed ...only about 30 minutes hahahahahaha

the voicemail? God help me....2 hours! and this is the part i don't understand...voicemail comes with all rate plans and i used to have a voicemail box but she still needed to add it to my phone because when i got the new phone (which i didn't....i've had this phone over 2 years) they didn't add the voicemail feature. the free one..... the one that comes with all the rate plans...... the one i used to have...... the one that worked fine and just disappeared....

i did make the mistake of asking her why it wasn't automatically on the phones since it came with all the rate plans. that slowed her WAY down. there wasn't a little cue card with that question and answer on it for her to read to me. she actually she asked "tech support guy"......

so now my phone has all the bells and whistles again and while i was at it, i got her to add the free voicemail to the other phone lines since their's had disappeared also and that makes me a SuperMom to my boys who didn't have the patience to deal with tech support.

and it's boy2's 17th birthday, so we're having a family dinner at Red cooking! and great food! and the company's not too bad either!

the day is looking better already!


  1. 2-and-a-half hours! Gee, I sure hope that isn't a standard call centre performance metric. I need to call my phone provider, but I've been putting it off because I didn't think I could spare the 30 minutes I had budgeted for the task. If it were five times that, I'd have to write off most of the day.

    I admire your patience!

  2. i kept thinking that i've already invested this much time....couldn't be THAT much longer...etc....etc....