i need more sleep.....

My GPS is missing....and somehow this cracks me up.

It also frustrates me because I'm the one who knows where everything in the house is.....all the car keys, all the textbooks, the blue sweater that you hated last year but didn't give away and for some stupid reason you need to wear it tonight, the page in last week's newspaper that you jotted a phone number on, etc etc etc

and, yet, I can't find my GPS....and all i can think is how ironic that is. my poor little GPS lost and alone in the universe....lol

it's gonna be a wacky day.....


  1. Found you through a mutual friend. I'm sorry your GPS is missing. That is funny though.

  2. Shouldn't a GPS be able to find itself?

  3. You have a GPS?
    Isn't that against the woman-code?

  4. I think that's hilarious. Everyone uses our hormones or uterus, or something, and we use GPS.. and lose it! I love it..

  5. http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b214/Freakyscottishgirl/?action=view&current=birdie002c.jpg

    This made me laugh! Some of us have a natural sense of direction and never lose anything. Except our sanity...

  6. oh ashley.....that picture brings back so many fantastic memories. =D