put the frosting down and step away from the cookies...

I made sugar cookies today. that's not really news - I bake cookies every Christmas. We used to get together with a couple of other families and the moms baked and the kids decorated. It was messy, loud and incredibly fun. But, alas, the children have grown and that usually leaves me to bake AND decorate.

So imagine my delight this morning when girl1 volunteered to decorate the cookies....and then imagine my "horror" when she started decorating them like this:
YEP! those are tassels on the gingerbread girl's bikini......and the green and white one is her idea of a male stripper.....God save me from sleep-deprived children.

here are some more of her creations. All the stars have "personalities" and one of them says "Merry Christmas" in Cambodian.
I do not understand the way her brain works, but she had fun and made us all laugh AND the cookies are decorated. good times......


  1. I <3 girl1! My kind of gingerbread men!
    I'm almost excited to make more cookies. ALMOST. I'm very excited to EAT more cookies.

  2. Well, thankfully, you didn't make anatomically correct gingerbread people.

    Or maybe that IS how gingerbread people ARE anatomically correct?

    Oh, this whole post has me hot and bothered! I don't know what to think. I think I need a cool drink and a nap.

  3. What great cookies! Good imagination on those kids. My daughter-in-law is very particular how things are, and when she talked about making cookies with my two-year-old granddaughter, I shuddered inside. I hope she can let her be creative!

  4. OMG, the bikini, too funny!

    I love making christmas cookies. I just hate eating em all and having to work out doubly hard after the holidays to take the extra weight back off.

  5. I love the evil star cookie! I would enjoy eating that one.

  6. This is completely hilarious, the kind of experience that merits a special place in family history, and gets retold year after year.

    Next time I'm in the kitchen baking something with our kids and I spontaneously burst out laughing, I'll have you to thank :)