bright summer days....

This week Carmi has invited us to explore "bright." You can go HERE to find out how to play along -- be sure to tell him that I sent you. =D

anywoos....after i decided not to post a picture of my "bright" children (which probably would have been one of them doing something incredibly stupid), my next thought was sunflowers. That was closely followed by the bright blue that the ocean becomes on those beautiful summer days. So here's what I dug out of the archives for this week:

These were taken last June. It had been well over 100 degrees for a week and we were melting. We decided a day on the ocean was in order and off we went.
These dolphins played off the bow of our boat for miles.


  1. Cool pics! and while I can't argue with my family being nutters, seriously? You'd better tell Jimmy to get out of there soon, before he's "locked in prison for singing I am woman I am free on the street corner"!

  2. What an experience that must have been to be surrounded by frolicking dolphins. Definitely a sign of something!

  3. First off, I love the sunflowers, they remind me of my best friend who loves sunflowers and brightens the world like one too.

    We took Clay swimming with dolphins once, it was called "Dolphin Therapy." We were in the ocean with wild dolphins and one rubbed right against Clay. I have no good pictures, because we spent the whole time with our mouths gapping at the experience. These pictures of the dolphins could sum up how it felt in those moments of Clay's pure joy and our own joy. They are beautiful and capture the magic of those marvelous creatures.

  4. It's kind of a cruel time to be pulling out those bright sunshiney pictures, you know. People are shoveling out there!
    But I love the dolphins. *sigh*
    Well, the sunflowers, too.
    I think I'm already done with winter.

  5. hey! don't blame me....blame Carmi....he asked for bright pictures this week. *grin*

  6. Your sunflowers are gorgeous! They certainly fit the bill for "bright."