more holiday hijinx

so....girl1 is very proud of the fact that ya'll liked her cookies. she has promised that all future gingerbread cookies will be decorated in the same manner. thanks for encouraging her - i appreciate it.

here's a picture of her in her fun holiday hat -- she's really into the season this year:

we went to Disneyland Tuesday - just to watch the holiday parade and fireworks. we sat for over an hour in a carefully chosen location for the fireworks. just before they were starting, some lady squeezed through the crowd and stood in front of girl1 (who will tell you that she had the "shittiest" day ever at work). the following exchange made a security guard come stand by our little group to make sure there wasn't a brawl.

girl1: "excuse me, i can't see over you" (amazingly polite, considering her day)
lady: "uhhhhh"
girl1: "you need to move" (lady...girl1 carries a should move)
lady sits down on top of girl1's feet
girl1: "HELL NO! I've been here freezing my butt cheeks off for over an hour. you need to find some place else to sit" ( need to move....for your own safety and because bloody knife fights kind of ruin the holiday spirit)
lady: no response....continues to sit on girl1's feet. (i'm getting a little concerned for the small children who are going to witness something very ugly at the happiest place on earth)
girl1: "YOU NEED TO GO AWAY NOW!!!!!"
lady finally gets up and relocates to back of crowd.
crowd around girl1 erupts in applause cuz we're all tired of the stupid people thinking they can just push their way into a group and we'll make room for them.
that's Main St USA reflected on a gigantic ornament on the Disney tree. here's the tree:

today girl1 and I were going to finish up our Christmas shopping and (here's where my eastern friends are given permission to laugh at us wimpy southern californians) it was COLD - in DECEMBER - what the crap?! it actually snowed on us. we have pictures.........ready?........this is HIGHLY unusual........drum roll, please................

that sign says "Los Angeles".......there should NEVER be snow on a Los Angeles sign...NEVER.

we drive to the mountains if we want to play in the snow and then we drive a couple of hours the other way and go to the beach to watch the sunset......and then we stop by Disneyland to watch the fireworks......really, that's how SoCal folks spend their days..... =D


  1. Ha! That is just too funny to me, considering I just slipped and slid in my boots struggling to make it to the door without falling flat on my face because of all the ice and snow in indiana right now. You crack me up. So, do you live right beside disneyworld? land? disney world or land?

  2. The snow is just crazy. Glad there was no violence in paradise.

  3. Hooray for Girl1! As a reward, here is a photo of someone else (I won't say who) in a similar hat.

  4. Go girl1! Love the hat... really I do... don't get out the knife!
    I think that snow was photoshopped in... snow in LA? Nuh, uh!

  5. We never get snow anymore. It rains nonstop. Maybe I have moved to Seattle and haven't realized it.

  6. Okay being one of the "weird" Californians who actually loves/adores the cold and the rain and the snow, I would actually appreciate it if it would snow in LA more often! But I also went surfing last sunday. California is so weird....