shadows....they come and go so quickly!

Carmi's theme this week is "shadows." Click HERE to get in on the fun - you have until Wednesday and then a new theme will be posted.

catching a good shadow pic is harder than you'd think (or maybe I was just naive). We were at Disneyland last night, in Sleeping Beauty's castle. As we turned a corner, there was a great shadow of Malificent. I immediately thought, "Carmi's theme!" lol

anyways, I grabbed the camera (which, in my defense, was my husband's point and shoot... that i'm not familiar with.... that has an incredible looooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg delay) and tried to get the fleeting shadow. It appears (very briefly) and then there is a crash of thunder and a FLASH of lightning. We all know that a FLASH of lightning is not a friend to shadows. good thing there were no people behind us.

so here is the Malificent shadow -- really, it's there -- I wouldn't lie to you:
and here is the neat shadow that you see right after the FLASH of lightning:
Next time, I'll carry MY camera. I was so frustrated last night. I didn't get shots of anything because of the stupid delay. I've gotten spoiled with my DSLR.


  1. Ooooo! They look like stained glass. Also I tried to comment on your glowy red tree the other day and my comp. was mean and wouldn't let me! Let's see if this one works.

  2. It worked! Also my word verification for the last comment was "outie" which made me think of the belly button type.

  3. Very freaky-cool! I hear your pain re. being stuck with a point-and-shoot - and am very impressed that you were able to capture this. Not easy even with the "right" camera!

  4. Yeah, I like those - a lot. Always good to have a little bit of spookiness in your life.

  5. Some of us just aren't smart enough for anything but a point and shoot... delay and all. Actually, I think lazy plays a big part, too.
    I think the pics are great - from my point and shoot point of view. ;oP