finally friday

finally....friday.....yes! it's my wrap-it-all-up-and-toss-it-out-with-the-rest-of-the-week day. here's my list:

finish the orders for that goober photography job and have them ready for tomorrow's delivery. (I'll be glad to close out the books on this one.)

put together the Flamingo lawn ornament and convince boy2 to find a place for it in his outdoor display. it's a "great" ornament....the directions actually tell you to "zip tie the two halves together." boy2 couldn't get over being told to use zip ties. "that's really high class, mom."

waiting for college students to bring me money for their "Rent" tickets. (i love college kids, but they can be flighty.)

finish up the laundry...including putting it away.

find my kitchen sink. rumor has it that it hasn't gone anywhere, but i sure don't see it.

shower - sometimes you have to put that on the list or you run out of time.

trying not to rejoice in the sentence given to OJ....failing miserably....

cook dinner and leave instructions for hubby1 and boy1 so they'll know it's there.

go to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!

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  1. He he! Poor (not) OJ. I hope he's in there a lonnnng time.
    I like your new pic... very Brady Bunchish!