finally IS friday - right?

gosh, holidays throw my schedule off.'s my wrap-it-all-up-and-toss-it-out-with-the-rest-of-the-week plans for today.

everyone's at work today. that equals getting to pick what music is played while i box up the holidays. it also means that no one is playing xbox so i don't have to listen to gunfire all day. *le sigh of relief*

i'll be rearranging furniture which means that i will also be washing walls, windows and floors in the front rooms and then my house will smell pretty. *deep breath*

there are also invoices to be prepared and mailed (this one will probably carry over to tomorrow's list)

and bills to pay

and end of the year paperwork and organizing for the business which i stinkin' hate doing

and making a master plan for January because it looks like it's gonna need a master plan. so many things on the calendar already - and its only the 2nd. but it's all good because at the end of the month i'm running away to CABO with my girlfriends!!! *happy dance* taking a cruise *more happy dance* (i really love those last minute discount fares.)

so that's it....i'm off to be Super Productive Mom! ta-da! (just as soon as i have a cup of coffee)


  1. When you finish with your master plan for January, can you do mine? 'Cause I suck at master plans. OK, actually, the planning part is OK... it's the following through with the plan that I have issues with. Any suggestions?

    Also, can I come to Cabo? I don't care if it's Cabo San Philadelphia, as long as it's not Pigsknuckle ;)

  2. I so love a master plan. Nothing gives me more comfort than knowing I have a plan. Let us know how yours works out. I love your header photo, btw.

  3. Pfffht on your escape to sunshine. And who really has fun with 'the girls', anyway?
    Okay, I'm jealous. So very jealous.