blast from the past

this year i scanned all the old photos and slides from my parent's archives so we could all have a complete set. it took much longer than it should have because i kept trying to figure out all the family groupings. i loved looking at all the old pictures and the different styles of photography.

i learned that my parents were horrible photographers. hundreds of scenery pics but so few with people in them. they also pretty much sucked at documentation. i will be spending time this year making sure that all my pics have names, places, and dates associated with them.

here are just a few of my favorites:

my great grandmother. born in 1881. no idea when it was taken.

great grandmother again. she lived to be well over 100.

my mom's 1st grade class.
she's the 6th from the left in the back row.
some of them look so sad.

my dad in vietnam. his "big" war injury.... some sandbags fell on him and he broke his collarbone. not enough of a wound to be sent home.

my dad in his soldier suit. my grandmother loved this picture.

my grandma delphine and her sister are in this picture, but i have no idea which ones they are.


  1. I love the lighting on the one of your grandmother . They are all beautiful.

  2. I have one of my dad in a little soldier suit, a lot like yours! And isn't it funny how handwriting from different eras and different countries looks the same?

  3. i scanned alot of the backs of pictures just to save the handwriting and the funny things that were written.

  4. I love seeing old photographs, no matter who the folks are. Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  5. Good for you! This is another one of those things I keep planning to do... as soon as I break both legs.

  6. jane: i gave the pictures to my brothers for their Christmas presents. i had to have a deadline in order to make myself finish them. it is a very time consuming task.

  7. I love old pictures! My mom has a big box of old family photos somewhere. We keep talking about going through and organizing them, but we never seem to get around to it.

    I have an award for you at my blog.