this master plan thing

all i can say is that it's a good thing that the kids can all drive themselves to their events. i'm sure i can get everything done by the end of the month but i'm going to be praying that nothing unexpected happens. (i just jinxed it, didn't i? crap!)

it's just that it looks a little daunting on the calendar. good thing there's a vacation at the end of it all. i've also discovered that scheduling a cruise at the end of january is great motivation to start exercising at the beginning of january.

and, btw, the vacation thing is open to any one who is crazy enough to book it. it's a much needed girls' time away. if you want details - ask and i'll email them to you. we sail on the 29th back on the 2nd -- you'll only miss 3 days of work. i'll pick you up at the airport if you fly into San Deigo that morning. i'll even do the "important person arriving" know....big sign....crazy fans with cameras (cuz my girlfriends are fun like that).

seriously....the more, the merrier....

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  1. No jinx if you knock on wood after :)

    A girls' getaway is a great idea... Have fun!