finally friday4 - sunshine and earthquakes

here we are again - FRIDAY!!! i've actually been pretty focused this week so there's not much to wrap up, but here are the few things left on the to-do list.

1. finish entering July-Dec receipts. i'm moving everything to an excel spreadsheet to make taxes easier. (did you notice that it's only 9 days into the new year and i'm already up to July? woohoo! i might get taxes filed in march this year. okay...get up off the could happen)

2. deliver the "wicked" ticket to the winner of the "who is the least wicked of your friends" contest (it was a local thing - the show is on sunday and i only had one extra ticket)

3. mop the 2 front rooms and dust.

and i've managed to work out 4 days this week and have lost 2 pounds. which is actually really good since i only gained 1 pound over the dreaded holidays.

we had an earthquake last night. it was only a 4.5 but it was a violent shake so people really freaked. we were upstairs in an old building and it just kept swaying which is a really strange sensation. the news must have felt like it was a huge deal. 30 minutes to basically say "there was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake, centered 1 mile south of San Bernardino, this evening. there was no major damage...a few stores reported items falling off shelves."

so when they have to fill, what do they do? ask viewers to call in. OMG! "like it was shaking and i was scared and then it stopped" "my dogs barked and then the house shook and then it stopped" "i was sleeping and it woke me up and then it stopped" "i live in san bernardino and i felt it and then it stopped" "i live in moreno valley and i felt it. the house shook for like almost a minute and then it stopped."

seriously? just shoot me now. did you know that costa rica had an earthquake last night also? people died...i had to find out via the internet. i guess there's also a war going on...but you wouldn't know it according to SoCal news. viewers should never be invited to call in for a newscast. NEVER! it's not a talk show.

and, to make up for living in earthquake territory, it's suppose to be 85 here today....i might go sit by the pool so i'm not ghostly white on the cruise. it's a tough life but you don't really want my family living in your neighborhood.


and then it stopped.....


  1. We had rain here yesterday. But then it stopped. We had wind, too. But then it stopped. Funny how that happens.

    PS... Wicked is amazing! I saw it in London and I'm taking my daughter to see it in NY in the spring. I hope there's no earthquake.

  2. OH My Gyesh! I was sitting at my computer and typing and it hit, then it stopped! That's so weird! In all seriousness though it freaked out my three yr old sister, which was actually pretty funny. I like earthquakes. When I was in high school the only thing I paid any attention to in science class was the plate tectonics stuff. Then we went on a field trip and I answered all the questions and the guy got mad at me cuz he thought I was a mom answering and not a kid, except I was and then he said that we were going to fall off into the ocean someday and I told him he was a mroron because we don't have those kind of faults in CA We have the kind that go forward and backwards so someday we'll end up in Frisco, not the pacific ocean and then I got banned from talking for the rest of the field trip.

    Have fun at wicked!!!!!!

  3. What?!?! An earthquake in CR? The country of my dreams???
    We had snow this morning and then it stopped.

  4. We're in short sleeves again after the freak snow in the deep south (Louisiana). Try to have an uneventful time the rest of this weekend. :)